Hi there, we're the team working hard to get photos of your kiddos that you'll love!
There's so much that goes into doing just that - From honing our skills with lighting & equipment to knowing how to connect with all kinds of kids and get that glimpse of the real them caught in the click of the camera. We're dedicated to bringing out the best in each other and everyone around us. Thanks for letting us be here.
If I look familiar, it's because I've actually been working at your school for the last several years with your previous school photography company!
If I don't look familiar, it's because I never look this put together in real life.
When I'm not taking photos at a school, a wedding, or a senior session, you can catch me hiking with my Olive dog or yelling at football on tv.
Tyffanie and I met in college where we bonded over our misery in a 3 hour long, 8:00am class we were both taking as commuters with demanding jobs. Tyffanie is a skilled photographer in her own right (*ahem* Heart in Focus Photography on Facebook) and her work ethic and drive is something to be admired. These days you'll find her spending most of her spare time planning & prepping for her Wedding Day. Yay!
Homeschool mama, cancer survivor, volunteer worker, genuine heart - what a woman.
In the summertime, Ginnee enjoys farming with her husband & kids and canning lots and lots of their harvest. The rest of her year is focused on homeschooling her two kiddos and, lucky for me & you, sharing her warm personality with everyone she meets in our schools!
Quality Control/Human Resources
Olive runs a tight ship to make sure no equipment is forgotten and no sub-par prints get delivered. Honestly, she's kind of hard to work with sometimes. But she's also our HR officer, so we're not really getting anywhere with our registered complaints.
When she's not barking orders, You'll find Olive visiting her neighbors, chasing squirrels, or asking for treaty treats.
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