Q: "Can I buy stand alone products without buying a whole package?"
A: Yes! We offer packages to fit every budget, as well as stand alone products. Use the stand alone products to build your own package or to add on to ours.
Q: "My student left their order form at home/forgot to give it to me in the first place/the dog ate it. Is it too late to order?"
A: Nope! You can pre-pay before picture day AND galleries are also available online in as little as a week after picture day to view and purchase from.
    It's all available here.
Q: "Do I get to choose my kid's background for their photo?"
A: Yes! Our School Portraits are shot on green screen, so you get to choose your own background. If you don't specify, our default is Background A on the order form. :)
Q: "We missed Picture Day, now what??"
A: No worries! We have multiple Retake Days scheduled throughout the year at your school. We'll announce dates on our Facebook page, and you can always reach out to us directly.
Q: "I'm not ecstatic with how my kid's photo turned out. What do I do?"
A: First of all, let us know! We put our hearts into making your kiddos feel great and creating the best photo of them possible. Unfortunately, it's not possible to totally nail it every single time with 500 kids a day. Whether they're tired, have a stain on their shirt, or were just feeling a little backwards that day, it's ok!
Just send them to Retake Day with the original package (and preferably a little note to let us know what the issue is), we'll do take 2, and reorder the same package with the new photo at no cost to you!
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